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Service - At Networthy clients come first. Our goal is to provide professional, personal, and uncompromising service. You are the most important part in the creation of your website. That's why listening to you is top priority. You can count on us to listen and to treat you right.

Balance - Have you ever been to a site that dazzles you with graphics, animation, and sound, only to leave you thinking, "Ok, now where do I click to get the information that I need?" We believe that as in most things, balance is very important in web development. Some sites obviously put frills before function. You can dazzle with all the bells and whistles you like, but if your website isn't easy to navigate and doesn't clearly present the information you want, the viewer won't stick around to figure it out. We strive to achieve an effective balance between visual presentation and function, making it very easy for visitors to get what they need from your site.

Compatibility - "This site designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer" or "Best viewed with Browser X" - You will not find these phrases on Networthy sites. One of the reasons for the web's rapid growth and success is that it's based on standards that are independent of browser, operating system, and hardware. Some companies have added their own "enhancements" to these standards by making special features available only in their browsers. This, however, only weakens one of the inherent strengths of the web - its cross-compatibility. It also tends to alienate those visitors to your site who happen to be using the "wrong" browser. We make a conscious effort to create websites that are browser independent. That means visitors using a recent version of any popular browser will all have the same experience at your website.

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