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If you thought a professional website would be too expensive, you'll be happy to learn that it can be very affordable. Here is an overview of the costs involved.

Service Who You Pay Amount
Domain Name Registration (www.yourbusiness.com) Network Solutions (or other registrar) $35 per year
Website Hosting (the place where your website files physically reside) Host company of your choice (we can recommend one.) Varies between $20-40/month depending on company and features offered
Website Design & Creation Networthy Customized quote for each business after initial consultation *

You may have noticed that some web design companies offer predefined packages for websites, designating how many words, images, links, and pages you can get for a fixed price. We believe that your business is unique and the web solution we provide should be too. Each website is different and should be custom tailored to its specific purpose. Therefore, Networthy does not present prepackaged offers. We prefer to give you an estimate after determining your company's specific needs. If you find a package deal somewhere that's tempting, let us know - we strive to keep our quality work in a competitive price range.

* Many small to medium organizations can have their website tailor-made by Networthy for approximately $2,000. If you want to start very simple, it may be less. Adding more elaborate features such as shopping carts, Flash animation, and database functionality will increase the price, naturally. Call or email for your free initial consultation and quote to learn how we can meet the unique needs of your organization.


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