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Many people are unclear about what it takes to get a website. Here is an overview of our process.

1. Initial Consultation - There is no charge for the initial consultation*. We will discuss your company and its internet marketing needs in an effort to get a general scope of the project. After this consultation, we will prepare and submit a proposal including the estimated cost for your website. If you like what you see, we'll proceed.

2. Domain Name Registration - You need a unique domain name (www.yourbusiness.com), which costs $35/year. We will search for an available domain and register it for you with Network Solutions - the company that coordinates all domain registrations. Some examples of domain name registars are:

3. Choosing A Host - All websites must have a computer on which to reside. This computer is called a server and has a high-speed, 24-hour-a-day connection to the internet. The company that provides this server is called a host. Networthy does not host websites. We will find a host that suits your needs and then handle all the setup for you**.

4. Website Design & Creation - Work on the actual design and creation of the website now begins. This includes scanning images from your existing material, creating custom images, determining the layout and navigation of your site, creating any forms, adding counters, and anything else required by your site. Your input is wanted and needed periodically during this process. You'll be able to see the progress we're making and give us feedback accordingly.

5. Going Live! - After your final approval, your completed website will be transferred to its server where it will be accessible to the world. Anyone in the world can now look at your website by entering your domain name (www.yourbusiness.com) into a web browser.

6. Search Engine Submission - After your site is on the web, we will submit it to hundreds of search engines and web directories (such as Yahoo!, Hotbot, Lycos, etc.). This will make it easier for people to find your site when searching for particular keywords that are relevant to your business.

* Up to 1 hour in person or by toll-free phone call. Otherwise, free consultation period may vary according to medium being used for consultation.

** The hosting agreement will be between the host company and the client. Networthy only provides the service of helping the client choose the host company and coordinating the initial setup of client account with the host company. Therefore, Networthy is not responsible for performance or reliability of the host company.

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